Our Story

Wild Sugar…what?! A sweet shop? Let’s get the million dollar question out of the way: Why Wild Sugar? A name, that for so many, brings them back to their childhood.

A time where dirty feet and faces were the norm. Maybe it’s what you remember your grandmother calling you as you run to a big ol bear hug? Maybe just a nickname from somebody special? Either way we hope it brings you back to a simpler, happy place in time.

Our vision for Wild Sugar is to simply create an environment of happiness where you can relax and enjoy the sweeter side of life. We invite you to enjoy all of the good ol fashion people watching your heart desires, however, feel free to enjoy a little spontaneous conversation with people. You’ll enjoy a side of life that is far too often forgotten about.

So in closing, leave the stress of everyday life outside and come on in, make yourself at home. We intend to leave you a little sweeter than we got you.

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